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Superhuman is a virtual wellness experience for both patients and physicians alike

Here’s how our model works at a high level

Doctor and Patient


Superhuman is a marketplace and technology that continuously delivers new patients with no cost and no overhead. Our Superhuman Growth Partners are an invaluable asset for physicians because they
provide a high caring and high touch coaching program; keeping patients activated, engaged, accountable and focused on progress.

Therapy Session


Superhuman provides an ecosystem and philosophy of evidence-based medical and wellness care where our members can choose their provider partner from our marketplace of handpicked doctors.
The doctor and Superhuman Growth Partner work with the member to create a hyper-personalized and hyperspecialized Superhuman experience. The Growth Partner provides continuous communication and the highest level of personalized health and life coaching available.

Superhuman does all the heavy lifting

so physicians can do what they do best.

High level steps:


Kick Off

Superhuman gathers a detailed patient profile including expanded history, lifestyle, goals, barriers and baseline labs.


Superhuman Customization

Then, our clinical team will create a personalized “Superhuman Wellness Brief” and share it with three to five physicians whom we believe will be the best match for our members.


Physician's Plan

Each of the three to five physicians will have (72) hours to review the member’s Superhuman Wellness Brief and create a three-minute video speaking to the member and describing at a high level how you would approach their Superhuman wellness journey.


Patient's Choice

If a member chooses you as their Superhuman Physician, you willwork with them to personalize a detailed plan and timeline that will guide them in successfully achieving their goals. 

You will provide medical expertise, guidance, coaching, and clinical support as they pursue their journey, while collaborating with their Primary Care Physician in managing any concurrent medical conditions.
In some instances where the member may be local to your office, you 
may be their primary care physician (i.e. we would not prohibit this), but it will not be encompassed in this model.

Our Superhuman Growth Partner will be the glue that holds the member accountable to the program you create - providing daily accountability,  encouragement, guidance, and friendship to keep the member activated and focused on progress.

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